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Welcome to my Old School Mechanics site.

This website will probably look horrible on most modern small screen devices as it was not designed with responsive capable software, however it is suitable for laptops & desktops. That's a shame because I am not going to learn the new technologies so most people will have to use fingers to zoom and move around the pages. I am now fully retired, no more working on cars from home etc etc. With Kenny's Holden Spares closed all I have been doing is listing items on E-Bay and converting a Coaster to a motorhome. I was going back to working on this sight and adding more video & articles but I changed my mind, well sort of, I have had a sudden spurt of energy lately to add more stuff on, but I probably won't be adding more videos as it is to much mucking about with obtaining props etc so unlikely I will be doing much more other than an article every now and then.

The easy way to see if something has been added since your last visit is to click on the red update button in the menu system to the left.

My first business venture, opened 1979 and sold in 1989. Was originally Engine Tuning, Carburettor & Fuel Injection Centre, when I sold it, the new owner purchased a Dyno and a stack of fuel injection test equipment.

This business was purchased in 2013 and only sold Holden and Commodore used spares parts. I expanded the business by investing in new spare parts to cater for parts that we could not supply from the wrecking yard. I closed the shop in Oct 2018.


I added a workshop to the back of Kenny's Holden Spares and specialised in what I knew best as well as offering general mechanical repairs on all makes & models.



Please contact me if you feel there is something not right on my site. Eg. links not working, obvious hacking, incorrect information, etc.

Thank-you for your co-operation.