Nulon Long Term Anti-Wear Engine Protection (LTAWEP)

LTAWEP is the same as E30, you can redose every 40,000Km or once a year is the reply from Nulon when I enquired about the change. My original article on E30 is still on my website if your interested to read about the test I conducted on the original product.

Now that I have rediscovered this new re-packaged item, I thought I would test it out again on a different vehicle.

I added the new LTAWEP to my Mitsubishi 2.6L 1988 Triton. I have had the current set-up of the engine for over 4 years and for 4 years I have been getting 500-515 Km from a tank general city driving every tank, every time. I know when there is a problem if I fail to at least make 500Km. 99% of the time I fill up at the same servo and a refill always took 61 to 62 litres. Very good economy considering the car, it works out at an average of 8.24Km/L city driving or 12.13L/100Km.

What happened in the first 15mins of adding the product? The idle speed increased by 20rpm. I did not bother re-adjusting that for the time being.

I have done 7 refills now and the improvement is not bad at all. Early days yet but from 7 fills I have increased to 545-560Km for 61/62L of fuel. City driving averages out at 9.02Km/L or 11.10L/100Km. that is an improvement of .78km/L. The best number I got was just recently and was 9.26km/L or 10.8L/100km, giving me a range of 574km from the tank. NICE! But this is a 'one of' as I don't generally drive around like an old women, I tend to open up the second barrel occassionally. It does show though that if I take it easy I can go another 15km on a tank.

Breaking it down to simple terms I would use 4.25Litres less fuel to cover the same distance with the LTAWEP in the oil. There is a saving there of over $8 a tank. Return on investment would take 4 tanks not to mention extended engine life due to less wear and tear. Percentage wise, I have increased my fuel economy by 10%.

Check out the video link below I made & posted on U-Tube

I actually had a chance to test it on the hwy going from Townsville to Gladstone and back. Last time I did this trip I did not make it to Marlborough, north of Rockhampton. For those that are not familiar with the road, there is a servo at the end of the 110kmh speed zone that I use as a gauge for distance. The last trip I did, I was about 40Km short, getting there. With the LTAWEP in the engine, I made it to the servo and made it back to Townsville from the same servo. Calculating it out I got 10.78Km/L or 9.27L/100Km.

There you have it. This product will save you money in direct fuel costs and in the longer term maintanance costs.

At time of writing I also treated my Toyota Coaster 1HZ diesel with the equivalent diesel product. I unfortunately will never know the figures for this as I only just took it out for a drive a few weeks ago and have no data on it to compare. However given that the petrol product works, I will take it on faith that the diesel additive works as well.