Tech Talk was originally a newspaper column that I initiated with the local newspaper in Gladstone back in 1986. The concept was that motorists would write in and ask for help with any problems they had with their car. The question would be passed onto the qualified mechanic who had the expertise on the subject in relation to the question. The question would be answered and the newspaper would print the reply in the next edition of the motoring section. It worked very well and brought in more customers to those that participated.

In this forum I will use Tech Talk as an instructional page. The tide is turning now towards more video content. I hope I have done a good enough job on them for you. A lot of my older videos are in SD 4:3 and can't be changed but my later  videos are being done in  DVD 16:9. All my videos are now on my U-Tube channel so you now click a link that takes you to U-Tube to view them.